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Magma Group was established in 1982 as a design and execution company specializing in integrated engineering projects. We now offer interdisciplinary services in a wide range of industries, assuring our project plans and solutions are a flawless fit to our client’s needs. We provide end-to-end turnkey solutions, from an idea to completion. Our innovative, ground-breaking solutions are comprehensive, creative, fit-for-purpose and of the highest standards and quality. 

Our extensive experience in a wide range of industries (including agriculture, biotechnology, paints and inks, metals, and robotics) allows us to fine-tune our products to the highest of standards, effectively accelerating and optimizing.

Automation and Industrial Control Systems

Streamline and upgrade automatic processes plant-wide by implementing state-of-the-art information technology systems, transforming your plant into a smart factory.

Production Management Systems MES/MOM

Increase efficiency, profitability, and improved decision-making capacities. Integration, tracking, management, and oversight tools within your production system.

Production Scheduling Systems

Effectively plan and schedule simplified processes for complex workflows by integrating a production plan derived from precise information collected from your production floor.

Software Development

Plan and execute the software development projects carried out by a team of experts. We specialize in the development and integration of unique systems to help manage production and manufacturing.

Machine Vision

Create a personalized solution by utilizing a variety of powerful and internationally renowned machine vision solutions capable of rapid analysis and image processing, marking functionalities and accurate and reliable deciphering.

At Magma Group, a customer-centric approach is a fundamental principle

Customer First

Our goal is to apply our factory efficiency methods and smart manufacturing technologies to your triumphs. Our clients are our strategic partners and we put you first as we collaboratively work through the implementation of new manufacturing and production processes and improve or streamline existing flows or operations.
Clients and customers return to Magma because they trust our approach and unwavering commitment to innovation and efficient resourcing.

leading the way

Our Products

The products we implement have been carefully reviewed and have all surpassed rigorous performance and efficiency-based production testing.

Shopfloor Online

a flexible, real-time online software solution designed to simplify, track, and monitor operational manufacturing performance in one unified platform. Shopfloor Online grows with your system and offers a rich platform that can be adapted and extended to cover additional requirements as the business evolves.

Asprova APS

a smart and lean advanced planning and scheduling production environment system that optimizes resources, costs, and raw material. Asprova easily integrates into existing IT systems and creates the most optimal production plans that reduce costs in multiple areas.

Loftware Labeling

a cloud-based digital platform designed to support end-to-end labeling and packaging. Loftware enables global enterprises to mitigate risk, ensure traceability, improve time to market, and optimize costs, as well as meet customer-specific, brand, and regulatory requirements.

Cognex Machine Vision

the world's leading computerized vision products that offer solutions for all image processing, reading, and scanning needs. With nearly one million machine vision systems installed, Cognex is the world's most trusted machine vision company.

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